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DateType PriceAmount (Bitcoin)Total (AdCoin)
08/12/2017 20:48:49Sell0.000000400 Bitcoin0.000000400 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
08/08/2017 20:41:22Sell0.000000400 Bitcoin0.000000061 Bitcoin0.153432597 AdCoin
08/07/2017 15:41:47Buy0.000350000 Bitcoin0.000053836 Bitcoin0.153817140 AdCoin
08/02/2017 15:10:29Buy0.000099990 Bitcoin0.000006710 Bitcoin0.067106710 AdCoin
08/02/2017 01:37:32Buy0.000020000 Bitcoin0.007120000 Bitcoin356.000000000 AdCoin
08/02/2017 01:37:32Sell0.000020000 Bitcoin0.007120000 Bitcoin356.000000000 AdCoin
08/01/2017 11:38:38Sell0.000030500 Bitcoin0.000097941 Bitcoin3.211196269 AdCoin
08/01/2017 11:33:28Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.000160959 Bitcoin3.219244380 AdCoin
07/31/2017 01:06:11Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.002309044 Bitcoin46.181803600 AdCoin
07/30/2017 15:37:26Sell0.000030500 Bitcoin0.000170311 Bitcoin5.583957070 AdCoin
07/30/2017 09:27:47Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.000005959 Bitcoin0.119182380 AdCoin
07/30/2017 09:21:19Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.000273933 Bitcoin5.478769570 AdCoin
07/28/2017 23:43:18Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.005300000 Bitcoin106.002120000 AdCoin
07/28/2017 07:39:19Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.002499950 Bitcoin50.000000000 AdCoin
07/27/2017 08:33:33Buy0.000049999 Bitcoin0.000499990 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 18:31:17Buy0.000070000 Bitcoin0.029750000 Bitcoin425.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 17:38:35Buy0.000089999 Bitcoin0.008549905 Bitcoin95.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 13:52:09Buy0.000042000 Bitcoin0.010500000 Bitcoin250.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 12:07:45Buy0.000049990 Bitcoin0.012497500 Bitcoin250.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 12:01:57Sell0.000042000 Bitcoin0.008932982 Bitcoin212.690057380 AdCoin
07/25/2017 11:23:55Sell0.000039500 Bitcoin0.002686000 Bitcoin68.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 11:23:55Sell0.000039500 Bitcoin0.002686000 Bitcoin68.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 08:13:11Buy0.000039000 Bitcoin0.002691000 Bitcoin69.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 08:13:11Sell0.000039000 Bitcoin0.002652000 Bitcoin68.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 08:12:25Buy0.000039500 Bitcoin0.000474000 Bitcoin12.000000000 AdCoin
07/25/2017 07:27:12Sell0.000039000 Bitcoin0.000039000 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 21:59:55Buy0.000042000 Bitcoin0.000003150 Bitcoin0.075000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 21:56:42Buy0.000042000 Bitcoin0.001260000 Bitcoin30.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 18:57:13Buy0.000049990 Bitcoin0.000099980 Bitcoin2.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 15:10:56Buy0.000059990 Bitcoin0.000059990 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 15:02:37Sell0.000049990 Bitcoin0.028405092 Bitcoin568.215487900 AdCoin
07/24/2017 15:02:37Buy0.000049990 Bitcoin0.028405092 Bitcoin568.215487900 AdCoin
07/24/2017 13:06:31Buy0.000090000 Bitcoin0.000900000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 13:06:31Sell0.000090000 Bitcoin0.000900000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 11:58:58Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.000300000 Bitcoin3.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 11:57:32Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.000200000 Bitcoin2.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 11:55:59Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.000100000 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 10:30:48Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.002000000 Bitcoin20.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 10:30:15Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.001500000 Bitcoin15.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 10:25:52Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.000500000 Bitcoin5.000000000 AdCoin
07/24/2017 09:50:35Buy0.000100000 Bitcoin0.001000000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/22/2017 18:03:51Buy0.000000500 Bitcoin0.000005000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/19/2017 15:42:55Buy0.000004500 Bitcoin0.000004500 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
07/19/2017 15:42:55Sell0.000004500 Bitcoin0.000004500 Bitcoin1.000000000 AdCoin
07/19/2017 15:30:30Buy0.000000600 Bitcoin0.000006000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin
07/19/2017 15:30:30Sell0.000000600 Bitcoin0.000006000 Bitcoin10.000000000 AdCoin

AdCoin  Details:

RPC Port : 19500

Port : 19499

Node :

Forum ANN : AdCoin @ bitcointalk

Coinmarketcap API:


Giveaway of 20 BMXT was processed

Time : 2017-08-21
The Giveaway of 20 BMXT was processed to 1000 most active members , each user get a share of 0.02 from this rare coin , Thanks to Bitmxittz DEV ,

Giveaway of 20 BMXT

Time : 2017-08-18
All members with active trade @21-08-2017 will get a share of those coins . Join now and make your first active trade .

CoinQuest Removal

Time : 2017-08-13
After Dev request , we are delisting QWT from our exchange please withdraw all your coin ,

BTC wallet Online

Time : 2017-08-02
BTC wallet is working fine now .

BTC wallet disabled

Time : 2017-07-31
Bitcoin wallet is disabled until we see how the fork go .

SweepStake wallet crash

Time : 2017-07-29
Sweepstake wallet has crashed , we are syncing the wallet again , please bear with us while we are working on it .

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